How to get to Homeplace

  1. From Interstate 89, take Exit 11.
    • If you have been going north, turn right at the stop sign, then continue bearing right onto Vermont Route 117.
    • If you have been going south, turn left at the stop sign, go under I-89, pass the entrance to I-89 north, then bear right onto Vermont Route 117.
  • Continue on VT 117 for 3.2 miles. You will come to a white house on the right. Immediately after the white house, turn a sharp right onto Skunk Hollow Rd. The road sign may be invisible; don't look for it.
  • Go 2.4 miles down Skunk Hollow Rd to a stop sign. Turn left. You are now on Plains Rd.
  • Continue on Plains Road for .5 miles, until you reach a stop sign. Bearing left, go across the road and head up the hill to the right, onto Vermont Route15.
  • As you crest the hill, look for two churches on each side of the road, and go past a yellow "Children Crossing" sign.
  • Opposite the "Speed Limit 35" sign, turn left onto Old Pump Road. (If you see an elementary school on the right, you've gone too far.)
  • Go 1.1 miles down Old Pump Road, and past the Essex town line sign. You want to find a dirt road taking off to the right.
  • Look for a large red mailbox hiding in the trees on your right (it has "Huessy Homeplace" written on it). Turn right at that mailbox, and you're on the B&B's driveway.
  • Drive straight on for half a mile — do not turn right at the fork — and you'll be at Homeplace. There is a large parking lot right in front of the house.